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Telehealth and internet video (zoom) sessions are also available.

Trauma/Stress Resolution

Find recovery and resilience through the gentle psychobiological methods of Somatic Experiencing and the powerful, accessible modalities of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Matrix Reimprinting (MR). Develop attunement to your mind, body and soul’s innate wisdom and ability to heal and navigate stress. When words get in the way, or healing is best supported through touch, safe and appropriate therapeutic touch may be used with permission, either with or without the use of a massage table.

Renegotiation of Developmental & Attachment Dynamics

Early ruptures and misattunements in the parental attachment bond profoundly impact our present capacity to connect and relate with self and other. Our brains can be reshaped through new experiences and therapeutic processes which upgrade our conditioned response to parental and intergenerational “downloads.”  Through the corrective experience of therapeutic intervention, we can heal and reintegrate parts of ourselves that have been wounded, exiled, and unable to support us in healthy relationships with ourselves and others.  

Addictions/Codependency Counseling

Discover the stressors, triggers, and patterns that underlie codependency and unhealthy attachments to people, processes, and substances. To work effectively with substance addictions, abstinence is required for ongoing treatment. If substance abuse meets criteria for addiction, referrals for treatment and/or other resources may be given.

Empaths/Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

As an empath/HSP, I used to struggle with feeling that something must be wrong with me for having such sensitivity to the world and to the feeling states of others. Indeed, with this extra level of attunement, it’s not easy to know what’s ours and what’s not and we can find ourselves carrying the feelings and suffering of those around us. I find that I can support my fellow empaths/HSPs in learning to ground, set boundaries, and thrive in the world with their gifts, rather than feeling “what’s wrong with me?” 

Manifestation of Goals

Is there a gap between what you have achieved and what you want to achieve in your life? Whether your goals are for healthy relationships, a meaningful career, greater prosperity, or deeper spiritual connection, you will become a better match to your desires by exploring and clearing your limiting core beliefs. Through discovery of the unconscious core beliefs that drive your behavior, you begin the process of transforming them to create more of what you truly desire.  

Fears and Phobias

Our patterns around fear  can show us where our brains and nervous systems have been hijacked in an attempt to survive. The application of EFT/Matrix and Somatic Experiencing can empower us through helping us to rewire our brain’s responses to formerly triggering stimuli.

Anxiety and Depression (and other undesired feeling states)

Re-occurring, difficult feeling states are messengers for unresolved trauma or unprocessed feelings in some area of our lives. Through bringing aliveness and expression to unconscious patterns, early survival adaptations, and family patterns, we learn that we can live in the now of our inherent wellness. By learning to be with ALL of our feelings without repression, dissociation, judgement, and our human default of avoidance, we become more integrated, alive and at peace. It’s not that we stop experiencing difficult emotions, but that we find that we are able to move through them with more ease and acceptance. 

Grief, Loss & Life Transitions

Though there are some losses we may never completely “get over”, we can find the peace and resilience to survive and thrive again. Clients frequently express to me in grief-focused EFT/Matrix sessions that that they are able to connect with deceased loved ones, feel a sense of ease and peace about their passing and move on with their lives without “forgetting” their beloved. 

Spiritual embodiment through the gateways of Somatic Experiencing, EFT/Matrix & Meditation

Increase somatic awareness and energy flow.  Discover how and where you are constricting your connection to the life force of your body, heart and soul through habitual, self-protective patterning  and how you can reconnect to your own vital sources of energy.  A lifelong spiritual seeker, I discovered (much to my surprise) that a primary gateway to spiritual experiences and support is actually through the body! In my previous efforts to transcend the pain and suffering of being in a body through spiritual practice, I unwittingly foreclosed on the incredible treasures of wisdom, nurturing and yes, even love, available from within our bodies. I have met many a fellow spiritual seeker who has done the same and it’s a joy to me to help others rediscover this unfathomable source of personal and collective perception and guidance. 

Meditation/Spiritual Mentoring

All sessions include ongoing orientation to cultivating a curious, non-judgmental internal Self, which becomes an increasingly more positive resource for us throughout our journey and a powerful antidote to the inner critic and “monkey mind.” Meditation instruction and practice may be introduced and practiced together as applicable.  

As a lifelong spiritual seeker, student and practitioner, I have learned that there is no “one size fits all” spiritual practice. And many of us are rightly confused by the often contradictory spiritual practices that abound, for example, “Am I supposed to be noticing all of my thoughts and feelings and accepting them, or should I be shifting focus to something more positive that I want?” “How do I know what’s right for me?”

A practice that helps us to expand one day may be keeping us stuck the next. For example, are we finding that vipassana meditation is actually leading us to greater awareness, or is it triggering early childhood trauma and leading to dissociation? Having trained in psychology, meditation, various spiritual practices, and Somatic Experiencing, which is now taught to Vipassana teachers at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, I love to help others cultivate a spiritual practice that is enhancing and enriching their psychological/emotional growth and not unwittingly inducing harmful mental, emotional, or physical states. I welcome those of all religions and spiritual affiliations. 

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